About Davey Site Services



Davey Site Services was formed in 1979 by one of the present joint Managing Directors (Terry J. Davey) and was based in Derbyshire. The company became a limited company in 1986 and is now jointly owned by Terry Davey and Kim Stephenson. The company was relocated on to a new purpose built site in Waterston, Milford Haven in 1996. This site is now Head Office for Davey Site Services Ltd.

Facilities & Services

Our head office and factory are located on the Waterston Industrial Estate in Milford Haven. Our site covers approx 76,000 sq. feet.

Located on the site is our Head Office which houses our administration staff, covering approx 2300 sq. feet. The works and fabrication shop is approx 3500 sq. feet and has facilities for drilling, grinding, flame cutting and welding operations. This is used for shop pipework fabrication projects and vessel repair works. Attached to this shop is our shot blasting, painting and testing bay which was built specifically for this purpose and covers approx 850 sq. feet. Our stores is a separate building comprising of two floors of approx 1350 sq. feet and houses all our welding, grinding and site consumables/small plant.

Fabrication of steelwork, ladders, platforms and general duct work is undertaken in a working partnership with a fabrication company whose premises are located next door to ours. DSSL procure all materials, carry out inspection and management of the work and the project is executed to DSSL Quality Procedure/System. DSSL simply utilise the fabrication shop and all its equipment and workforce which, depending on the size of the project maybe complemented by DSSL workforce. This partnership has worked well and enables DSSL to keep the company operating overheads down yet still be able to offer this service by the flexible utilisation of this facility. It can also be used as an overspill for any major pipework projects which occur from time to time. We have undertaken a number of projects using our joint workforces/facilities and they have proved successful.

Shop Capacities:

  • Plate shearing to 28mm.
  • MIG, TIG & MMA Welding.
  • Turning/Machining Work.
  • Plasma Cutting.
  • Air Arc Gouging.
  • Drilling & Punching.
  • Plate Bevelling.
  • Band Saw Cutting.
  • Machine Flame Cutting.
  • Press Brake Forming.